About Me

My name is Jessica Francois.  I’m a Senior at the University of Alabama majoring in Human Development and Family Studies.  I am excited to say that I will be graduating this coming August.  Originally, I’m from Tampa, Florida.  I’ve really enjoyed living in Alabama for a number of reasons, but I have to say that be able to experience four seasons (not just hot, hot, hotter, and hot and humid) has been lovely. When I graduate, I plan on pursuing a career in children’s mental health until I am able to achieve a Master’s Degree in social work.

I come from a huge family.  My parents are divorced and have been remarried since.  In total, I have 8 brothers and sisters (blood, step, and half).  I am fourth youngest.  I loved growing up in such a large family, but it definitely wasn’t peaches and cream all of the time.  Let’s just say that certain events and experiences influenced me to pursue a career in mental health.

I have a dog named Addie.  She’s a beautiful, three year old black lab.  She’s my main interest and hobby, always keeping me on my toes.  I have a wonderful, loving boyfriend who also keeps me on my toes.  The two of them are so in love with each other.  It’s adorable. I’m very blessed to have both of them.



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